Rare Diamond Hands

Rare Diamond Hands are created for and inspired by savvy investors in the cryptocurrency space. Rare Diamond Hands are a symbol of conviction, risk vs reward, and collective strength towards an end goal. There will only be 100 Rare Diamond Hands available. Each is a 1/1.
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Collection Launch:
-1 piece will be minted per day until all 100 Rare Diamond Hands are available.

100% SOLD:
-Concept work will begin for a second, larger quantity, NFT collection under the Rare Diamond Hands brand.

100% SOLD:
-RDH Merch creation begins, featuring limited-edition tees, hoodies, and other goodies.
-Merch will be available to collectors first. Then it will be released to the public, at a later date.

100% SOLD:
-All RDH collectors will be airdropped a custom piece to commemorate the 1st 100 collection.
-Sneak peek of the second collection will be announced to RDH collectors before the public reveal.
-Private channel will be created in Discord for all current collectors. This channel will include exclusive monthly NFT giveaways.
-Special merch only for collectors.

Second RDH Collection:
-This second collection will have exclusive benefits for current RDH collectors.
-Will be built using ERC-721 smart contracts on web 3.0.
-Collection will be minted on the RDH website.
-The second collection will build on the same brand attributes in regards to concept and quality.
-This collection will be a 500 – 4000 piece larger collection.

Collector Rewards:
-First dibs on merch drops.
-Special merch only for collectors. Possibly custom 1/1 merch with your Diamond Hand.
-Custom pieces to commemorate 1st 100 collection will be airdropped to collectors.
-Access to a private Discord channel that will include monthly NFT Giveaways.
-One free piece from the second collection.
-Collectors that own 3 get a custom derivative Rare Diamond Hands piece of airdropped.

And More:
-Future RDH collections will be designed with Metaverse integration in mind.

RDH Apparel Coming Soon!

Rare Diamond Hands collector exclusive merch, featuring limited-edition tees, hoodies, and other goodies.


Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Black)


Short Sleeve T-Shirt (White)


Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Black)

The Creator

Rare Diamond Hands are created single-handedly by Kwiz1, a talented digital and mixed media artist. Each Rare Diamond Hand is carefully and individually modeled, composed, and rendered, making them truly unique!